CIT Program (Entering 10th Grade)

Young adults assist counselors and gain leadership training and experience. Under supervision, CITs work directly with children and specialists and balance work responsibilities with lots of summer fun.

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NEAL BUCHHOLZ | Camp Director | 561-852-5090 |



Session Dates:

June 10 - June 21
June 24 - July 5 (No Camp July 4)
July 8 - July 19
July 22 - August 2


8:15 am - 4:15 pm


Registrants for the CIT program must be at least 15 years old or entering 10th grade by the start of camp.


$930 for full summer, includes meals, training, staff shirts, registration fee and more.


The Objectives of the CIT Program:

  • Observe a variety of different activity areas
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach an activity to experience different teaching and coaching techniques
  • Complete bi-weekly evaluations with the CIT Director
  • Successfully plan and execute an all-camp event
  • Experiential learning by being in a group or specialty and assisting staff, assist with day to day group needs
  • Actively participate in weekly discussions with fellow CITs, mentors and supervisors
  • Receive evaluation, feedback and assessment from peers, supervisors and self


The Benefits of the CIT Program:

  • Become a role model and share your knowledge with younger campers
  • Build self-confidence and gain experience
  • Acquire important problem solving and communication skills for future challenges in the classroom or on the job
  • Develop leadership skills and put them into practice daily
  • Create new programs and lead special events for groups, units and all of Camp
  • Learn from and work with counselors from all walks of life
  • Help create the fun and unique culture that makes camp so special
  • Create lifelong friendships
  • When applying for counselor positions the following summer, priority is given to participants who successfully complete our CIT program


How long is the CIT Program?

We require that you attend at least two sessions, although to get the full benefits of the program, the full summer is the way to go!

What is the program like?

Our CITs are exposed to several aspects of staff responsibilities and will assist part-time in a group and part-time in a specific activity area. CITs are placed this way so that they learn the importance of all the features of our program. In addition, there are specific training sessions as well as social time. CITs are expected to attend the daily staff meeting which takes place every morning so they are updated on the daily schedule.

What age campers do CITs work with?

When assigned to a group to learn the Counselor Experience, CIT’s work with campers ages 3-9. When assigned to an activity to learn the Specialty Experience, CIT’s work with campers of all ages. The CIT Director assigns CITs to groups based upon a combination of factors, including CIT preference.

Do CITs earn community service hours?

CITs earn community service hours for the days they participate in our program.